The first part in the Content Management System is meant to add your company information and to customize the colors on your website.

Based on the input, the google location will be shown in the contactform.

The menu on the leftpart of the website, is also forseen to add a personal logo of your company. In the lower part of this screen you will find the button to upload your personal visitcard.
  Your webpage will have not limits on adding webpages, from the moment you have the hostingspackage Silver. The menustructure is made on 2 levels, the visitor will have a clear view between the main and subpages.

Every language has a different content and you will be able to fill in your text into this part. Do you already filled in a page for a language? You can use the
Copy & Paste function to copy the data you have already done, in this way you will save a lot of work.
  On the same tabpage you will find a button to maintain your main or subpage in the online HTML editor.

This graphical interface shows you how you can change your fonttype, color, background or add pictures with the upload button. Even making links to external webpaginas can be added here... and there are so many other functions you will discover.
  Do you want on every webpage the same backgroundimage? Or do you prefer one nice backgroundimage? Or you want to spread a texture on the background ? Or even more.. you want a slideshow while the visitor is on your website?

Every option that is mentionned here is possible. Websitebuilder4Free goes further and gives you access to use professional backgroundimages see "Tips & Trics"(only allowed to use on websitebuilder4free).
As websitebuilder4Free customer you will get access to use all developed backgrounds. When you see a design, but when you want to have another color, do not hesitate to send us a mail to with your detailed request.

All backgrounds are implemented in the demo-version(click here), which you can find in the menu "Backgrounds", in this item you will see the images in the online slide-show.


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  Safari   Opera   Android